Summer School on Imaging in Epilepsy (SuSIE) SuSIE 2020 | September 16-17 | online & free

SuSIE Online Lecture Day

September 16th 2020

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Morning session

CEST Program Speaker
09:00 Welcome Mirja Steinbrenner and Jörg Wellmer
Epileptogenic lesions
09:15 MRI Protocol Jörg Wellmer
09:45 Strategies to find epileptogenic lesions (including focus hypothesis) Jörg Wellmer
10:15 Spectrum of epileptogenic lesions Jörg Wellmer
10:45 MRI in children Fritz Wörmann
11:15 short break
Advanced MRI analysis
11:30 MAP Postprocessing and co Jan Wagner
12:00 New sequences, high field Sjoerd Vos
12:30 Imaging the epileptic seizure by MRI Alexander Radbruch
13:00 Lunch break

Afternoon session

CEST Program Speaker
13:50 Welcome back Mirja Steinbrenner and Jörg Wellmer
Functional imaging
14:00 PET, SPECT Alexander Hammers
14:30 EEG and MEG source imaging Stefan Rampp
15:00 Connectivity analysis Serge Vulliemoz
15:30 short break
Clinical application of mulimodal imaging
15:45 Coregistering Miriam Bopp
16:15 3D-SEEG-Planning Francesco Cardinale and Michele Rizzi
16:45 Coagulation planning Peter Reinacher
17:15 Closing remarks Mirja Steinbrenner and Jörg Wellmer
17:30 End of lecture day